Welcome to Florida Library Webinars

FLAlogocroppedFlorida Library Webinars provides access to Florida’s statewide training program featuring webinars on topics ranging from customer service to new technologies.  Live training sessions are offered about 4 times per week.  Our training is free of charge for all staff working in Florida libraries.  The live classes are limited to only staff working in our state.

If you miss a Florida Library Webinars webinar that you really wanted to attend, we have the answer for you!  All Florida Library Webinars events are recorded and made available for viewing after the live event. You can access all of our recordings from the On Demand section.   Our On Demand offerings are available for anyone to view, no registration is required.

Beginning in October 2015, Florida Library Webinars will make podcast versions of our Wednesday, technology webinars available on our website.  Within a week of the live webinar you can stream or download a podcast version and learn from us on the go.   Visit our Podcasts page.