“What gets rewarded, gets repeated.” It’s a saying that’s been around for years in various forms. But just think about it…if someone consistently goes above and beyond, but is never recognized for that effort, it’s quite possible that person will get weary of going above and beyond. And even if they continue to put forth extra effort without being “rewarded,” think of the positive impact on your environment when that effort is indeed recognized!

“Rewards” do not necessarily involve anything tangible. In many studies, employees who are shown appreciation are more likely to stay and perform at higher levels than those who are given extra benefits or money but do not feel their work is valued.

In this session, we are going to create a list of ways we can recognize and encourage excellence in customer service in our libraries – whether we are in charge or we’re the ones on the front lines!


 Original broadcast September 23, 2015 

Instructor Bio ~ Linda Bruno
Linda has been developing and conducting training workshops for libraries and other organizations for more than fifteen years. She offers workshops on topics   ranging from Leadership Skills to Returning Balance – and lots of areas in between!

Linda received her MBA from the University of Florida and has years of experience in hands-on management positions. She develops her workshops based on solid research and – more importantly – real-life application. Linda is also certified with DDI and Achieve Global.

Once Linda began developing and conducting training workshops, she knew she had found what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She loves the exchange of ideas and experiences that happens when individuals gather to explore life together.