Adapting the standard library orientation to embrace evidence based practices (EBP) requires the librarian to shift their presentation from coverage of library resources and services to the development of research skills. During this online tutorial you’ll examine successful learning theory applied to vital research objectives and come away with research skills for you to develop a distinctive EBP library orientation of your own. Complementary resource materials and ACRL based assessment standards will provide the structure needed for transforming the library orientation to an EBP Research Training. Students will value their new research skillset and appreciate the research proficiency of you and your librarians. You may find your patrons visit the library to meet with adept librarians rather than the collection.


Original broadcast September 23, 2016

Biography ~ Dr. Karyn Waters-Zelbovitz
Dr. Karyn Waters-Zelbovitz is the library director of Lakeland Keiser University, a non-profit, private university. In response to a Healthcare H1-B grant she developed an evidenced based practice training to provide college students an advantage in their college research assignments and for many medical graduates, a required skillset for their graduate employment. Based on the foundation of applied learning theory, Dr. Z helped students transform their appreciation and use of research to having an evidence based voice as a new professional.

For academic librarians, evidence based practice (EBP) is a new integration of the one-shot library orientation with theory and pragmatic advanced research training exercises. The EBP webinar presentation was created for information literacy savvy librarians wanting to enhance research skill training for their patrons and to explore its qualities for use in their library settings.

Dr. Z holds two graduate degrees and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. Her dissertation into why students drop out of college explored many ways students can be re-engaged by colleges. She is a dedicated librarian educator that has explored methods of success that librarians can utilize to help students academically succeed. She firmly believes that the most significant resource in the library is not the books, special collections or databases, but rather the librarian that teaches knowledgeable information access to the various resources. It is her passion for research that has led to the development of the EBP training for students and now a training webinar for research focused librarians.