An open access publication is freely available to all potential readers online, rather than being restricted to individual subscribers or to affiliates of college or university libraries. This is made possible by the internet; open access is a web-age concept. But while the technology to support open access has existed for a while, the economics behind open access are still unsettled. In particular, the role of librarians and publishers in this new environment remains unclear.

This webinar will provide an overview of what open access is, why it matters, and how librarians can learn more about it.

Slides: An Overview of Open Access Publishing

Originally broadcast July 13, 2017.

Marcus A. Banks ~ Biography
Marcus A. Banks is a journalist with many years of experience as a health sciences librarian. He has worked for the National Library of Medicine, University of California San Francisco, University of California Davis, and Samuel Merritt University. Marcus has been a reference and instruction librarian, department manager, and library director. Throughout his professional career he was also a writer, and eventually decided to become a writer full-time. His web site (https://marcusabanks.com/) has clips to some of his work. Of particular interest for this webinar, Marcus was the Editor-in-Chief of the open access journal Biomedical Digital Libraries.