People go to libraries to find their hobbies, their histories, their music, art and culture. To find neighbors, elected officials, and their myriad connections to each other and their neighborhoods. How can libraries find them? Learn how Sarasota County is harnessing the power of branding to build their libraries’ audience and deliver on their promise to provide excellent customer service and promote a higher quality of life.


Original broadcast August 22, 2017

Biography ~ Brianne Grant

Brianne Grant is a Communications Specialist for Sarasota County Government. She is the Communications liaison for Libraries and Historical Resources. Since joining Sarasota County earlier this year, she’s been charged with launching a massive rebranding of the county’s 10 libraries, called Find Yourself at the Library.

Ms. Grant is a Manhattan College graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing, specializing in social media marketing, communications and business writing.

Her background includes:

  • Implementing new social media marketing techniques for small business.
  • Developing training materials for the world’s second-largest scuba training agency.
  • Advising one of the largest scuba diving gear manufacturers and several dive shops throughout the country on branding and social media marketing and customer service.
  • Developing a social media marketing plans, managing and maintaining social media accounts, and editing training materials for the world’s third-largest scuba diving training agency.