Bootstrap (http://getbootstrap.com/) is among the most popular design framework on the web. It has become the backbone of countless Drupal and WordPress themes and plugins, web apps running the gamut of popularity, and ubiquitous in library software from vendors like Springshare.

In August 2017, Bootstrap 4 finally made it into beta (download it at: https://blog.getbootstrap.com/), meaning that the new version of the framework has become stable enough that libraries will soon see sites and apps transition. This may greatly impact library customizations as well as browser support, because Bootstrap 4 forfeits many of its styles and components like icons for newer and more future-friendly design patterns.

In this webinar, Michael Schofield will introduce you to what’s new in Bootstrap 4 and discuss strategies for:

Migrating or adapting to the new Bootstrap 4-based website
Ensuring your customizations work if vendor, WordPress or Drupal sites change
Making “big decisions” like finally dropping browser support for old versions of Internet Explorer seamless

Original broadcast 26, 2017

Biography ~ Michael Schofield

Michael Schofield (@schoeyfield) is a front end developer slash librarian specializing in interaction and user experience. He writes a ton and speaks at a variety of conferences about design triggers, responsive web design, lean code, content strategy, user engagement, and pushing the #libweb forward.