Professional Behavior Will Not “Just Happen” in the workplace.
And it won’t be effective to just “talk about” professionalism and hope people will comply. If we want to create, nurture and maintain professionalism and professional behavior in our organizations, we must take action.
The concept of professionalism goes beyond ethics; it encompasses image, manners, respect, appearance, excellence, quality, expertise and other factors. Unfortunately, many of the principles of professionalism are not being taught or reinforced. And the results are less than desirable for all of our library customers and stakeholders.
In this interactive and informative webinar, Dean will help you determine what actions your employees need to take to be seen as a professional. Even more important, you’ll learn how to help your employees grow in a way that maintains the image your organization has worked so hard to earn.

We will discuss:
Increase awareness of image, behavior, and role as it relates to library success
Provide opportunities to explore and practice new protocols
Learning professional tact and diplomacy as it relates to professionalism
How to work with “delicate” people and situations
Trigger words that create unintentional aggression



Original broadcast November 2, 2017

Dean Russell ~ Biography
Dean is a Professional Strategic Coach. He helps organizations and businesses increase their effectiveness through leadership coaching, training, and public speaking engagements. He has a gift and passion for helping people and organizations quickly grasp their company’s vision, gain operational traction, and work as a healthy, functional, and cohesive team.

He is a national speaker and recognized expert specializing in business management, leadership improvement, and better employee performance.