Let’s face it, we live in a world where we are constantly experiencing the “just good enough” mentality:
• “Just good enough” Leadership,
• “Just good enough” actions and behaviors
• And definitely “Just good enough” customer service.

In this program, Bob will show you how to apply the Black Tie Experience to motivate and inspire your employees and patrons. Black Tie goes one step above five star. While a five-star mentality focuses on customer service, Black Tie concentrates on three areas that all need to come together to take your library business to the next level: Leadership, Actions/Behaviors, and Customer Experience.

Bob’s goal is to teach libraries how to cultivate loyal and raving fans, while improving retention and engagement of both their patrons and employees.

Learning objectives:

• Describe what the mindset of “Black Tie” is all about when it comes to libraries, their patrons and employees
• How to take a culture (or atmosphere) reading of your library
• Establish what Black Tie Leadership is and how to apply it in your library
• Define what Black Tie Etiquette is and how you can use it to make a lasting impression
• Identify the traits for Black Tie Customer Service to help create loyal and raving patrons


Original broadcast March 1, 2018

Bob Pacanovsky – Biography
Bob Pacanovsky has been helping elevate brands for over 20 years! And now he is taking this experience and helping organizations and individuals “outclass their competition.” He is a professional speaker, entrepreneur and expert in making people make great first impressions and turning clients into loyal fans!

Through his work, Bob spent years observing people – how they act, behave, serve and lead. He combines that experience with business acumen to teach organizations and leaders how to focus on engagement, retention and loyalty – three tenets of the Black Tie Experience.

Bob launched a new company in January, 2015, after selling his catering and event company that he founded in 2000. He has now turned his attention to delivering the Black Tie Experience to organizations and associations of all sizes!