Have you ever helped a library patron with a technology issue? Have you offered computer tutoring by appointment? Library services are undeniably intertwined with technology. From helping patrons search the library catalog to providing maker equipment such as 3D printers, library staff are regularly helping patrons use technology. Each individual patron interaction is an opportunity to teach new skills. There are several models for teaching library patrons one-on-one to use a wide range of technologies that go beyond basic digital literacy instruction. Luckily, you don’t need to be a tech expert to provide effective tech instruction.

In this webinar, learn practical training skills that will help boost your ability to help library patrons with technology questions. Gain skills and confidence in helping others use computers and mobile devices to access the Internet. Learn how customer service skills and effective training techniques can enhance learning in a variety of one-on-one tech instruction settings.

Learners will be able to:
• Identify different models of one-on-one technology training delivery, and recognize the benefits and challenges of each model.
• Assist patrons in identifying personal goals for using and learning technology, and in setting reasonable expectations for instruction.
• Prepare yourself to deliver technology training by increasing competency through self-paced skills training and technology resources.
• Integrate best practices for technology instruction into one-on-one patron assistance.



Biography ~ Crystal Schimpf
Crystal Schimpf is a librarian and a trainer, with a passion for digital literacy and technology issues. As co-founder of Kixal, she provides collaborative, transformative training for libraries. She has provided training for the Urban Libraries Council’s Edge Initiative, the Public Library Association, the Colorado State Library, and Community Technology Network.