E-resources can not only be tricky for you patrons to figure out, but also for your staff. There are so many different formats, platforms, and apps to navigate. At San Mateo County Libraries, we wanted to meet our e-resources patrons where they are: online. We created a series of short videos with simple tools to help our patrons and staff better learn our e-resources. Learn the best tools for creating simple how-to videos as well as some tips to help production go smoothly. You’ll also hear about how we plan to package these videos into trainings for front-line staff.


Original broadcast May 23, 2018 

Biography ~ Ginny Mies
Ginny Mies is a librarian at San Mateo County Libraries in Northern California. She oversees e-resources as well as training for staff. Previously, she managed the library program at TechSoup, a global nonprofit that provides technology donations and training for public libraries and nonprofits. Before the library world, she was a tech journalist where she learned to make on-the-fly smartphone videos for breaking news stories.