Whether or not you have read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, you can learn what they are and how to apply them as a leader in your organization. Leadership is indelibly intertwined with who we are as people and how we live our lives both inside and outside the workplace.

While The Four Agreements was written to help people become better at living their lives with greater integrity and less distress, the same principles can also help us become happier and more successful in the workplace.

In this interactive and informative program, participants will:

* Learn and understand what “the four agreements” are based on the work of Don Miguel Ruiz
* Review each agreement and apply them to real-life work scenarios
* Devise strategies for incorporating the agreements into your leadership approach and learn how to overcome obstacles to implementation

Suggested Resources – Leadership and the Four Agreements

Original broadcast June 12, 2018

Elizabeth Hensley ~ Biography
Elizabeth Hensley is a Branch Administrator for the Montclair Community Library in the Prince William Public Library System. She was the Leadership Development Forum Chair for the Virginia Library Association and has worked with libraries in Virginia for more than 20 years.