In our libraries, all of us are salespeople every day. You sell the latest book, or programs that week and that month to the patrons. You tell them about our downloadables, reference help and much more. But have you ever attended a business sales or marketing class or program to help you feel more comfortable selling and promoting the great things that your library does?

Maybe it is time that you did…and here’s your opportunity!

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is a former librarian, current business owner and college business instructor who has a unique approach to library customer service. She will introduce business trends and strategies to consider integrating in the library to help libraries more effective sell and market their products and services.

Participants will learn about:

• Popular sales strategies
• Digital marketing 101
• Marketing and sales trends
• Sales relationship building
• Business resources relevant to the library

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Original broadcast August 16, 2018

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead ~ Biography

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is an instructor of online privacy and a practitioner. As CEO of Digital Respons-Ability she helps educate students and other organizations on digital citizenship, which includes being safe and private online. In addition, Carrie is a corporate trainer, event planner, writer and library consultant who works hard to stay on top