Libraries are essential for supporting small businesses in their communities by providing programming, tools, and access to market research. Research databases and access to software help support small business owners, students, and entrepreneurs understand their niche markets and launch their projects.

Businesses now operate in a world in which information is more readily and publicly available than ever before. Competitive intelligence or market intelligence is the gathering and analyzing of information relevant to the external environment of a business, and is often part of their strategic planning function.

In this informative webinar, we will cover 20 tools and tips for building and supporting business research and intelligence efforts in your library.

Gain an understanding of competitive/market intelligence
Learn about resources for intelligence research
Identify ways to implement tools and practices in your work place
Learn how to help your library patrons with business research

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Original broadcast September 13, 2018

Rachael Altman ~ Biography
Rachael Altman is currently a Market Intelligence Analyst at Sidley Austin, LLP, where she researches clients and industries to support marketing, business development, and strategic initiatives. She previously worked at Grant Thornton International Ltd as a Research Analyst in Risk Management & Independence and in academia as a Librarian at Alabama State University and Rockford University. Rachael believes librarians