This presentation will highlight twenty (or thereabouts) books of note that librarians should know about and feel confident recommending to their patrons. The list will include fiction, non-fiction, and even a couple of really important kids books. A wide variety of topics will be explored. Beyond the book titles, we will address the background of the authors, similar titles, and why these books matter. When you don’t have time to catch up on reading the classics, this presentation will bring these works into your personal book satchel. The presenters will also address “best books” lists and how to filter through them to help your patrons, and perhaps pique your own interest.


Original broadcast August 1, 2019 

Biography ~ Anne Abate
Anne has worked in a wide variety of libraries and library-related organizations during her career. She is currently the owner of Library Discount Network, a business that negotiates with database vendors on behalf of library consortia and networks. The company also provides administrative and management support for nonprofit organizations.

Biography ~ George S. Maley
George S. Maley earned a BA in Political Science from Xavier University (1978) and read law at the University of Cincinnati (1981). He was called to the bar in 1981 and practiced law in Ohio for 38 years. In a purely autotelic pursuit at age 60, he decided to obtain a master’s degree in American History from Southern New Hampshire University (the Harvard of Southern New Hampshire). In earning this degree, he was named an outstanding student in the program earning a 4.0 grade point while being at least 30 years older than his classmates and instructors. His master’s thesis was a study of Jim Crow in a small Kentucky town.