Library staff are expected and trained to provide readers advisory services, but sometimes providing readers advisory for comics and graphic novels can be a challenge.

During this 20 Comics in 60 Minutes program, Amanda Jacobs Foust will bring library staff up to speed on the best kids, teen and adult comics and graphics novels of 2018.

In this interactive and informative webinar, participants will learn:
Recommended comics and graphic novels for readers advisory and collection development
Popular and lesser-known publishers
Resources for readers advisory and collection development for comics and graphic novels


Original broadcast November 8, 2018

Amanda Jacobs Foust ~ Biography
Amanda Jacobs Foust is a librarian and editor for No Flying No Tights who also produces and co-hosts the In the Library with a Comic Book podcast with Jack Baur of the Berkeley Public Library. Together, they present and write about comics; including their annual favorite comics of each year kids, teens and adults. In addition to her comics work, Amanda has extensive experience as a conference and webinar presenter on a diverse range of topics related to librarianship.