What is one thing most great leaders have in common? They are always finding new ways to be their best selves – personally and professionally. Sometimes that requires self-reflection and a decision to take the action necessary to make changes that will help them perform at their best.

And remember – you don’t have to have “leader” in your title to be a leader in your workplace. Inspiring others, taking initiative, maintaining a positive attitude, and setting a great example are all ways you can exhibit leadership skills.

In this session, we’ll have an opportunity to spend some time in that valuable – and sometimes elusive – self-reflection mode. We will not only come up with a list of 20 words that can change our lives, but we’ll also discuss how to use them in our journey to inspire others by setting a great example!


Original broadcast September 20, 2018 

Linda Bruno ~ Biography
Linda has been developing and conducting training seminars for more than fifteen years. Certified with Development Dimensions International and Achieve Global, she also offers her own workshops on Customer Service, Supervisory Skills, Personalities, Organizational Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Returning Balance to Your Life, and many other topics.