Despite using the library more than generations before them, Millennials and Gen Z remain difficult to reach through traditional forms of library marketing. If they didn’t grow up in the library or have kids of their own, we probably aren’t seeing them in our buildings. As the demographics of our patrons change, so must the ways we communicate with them. So how do we reach this demographic in a way that won’t make them roll their eyes or throw our carefully crafted newsletters directly into the recycling bin?

Learn how to market your library’s programs and services to ages 18-35 through a combination of in-house marketing, social media, email newsletters, and branded content. This presentation will look at digital trends, the habits and interests of Millennials and Gen Z, and provide practical solutions to help libraries reach young adults.

Attendees will learn how to:
Identify where to focus marketing energies and resources to best reach Millennials and Gen Z
Create an eNewsletter unique to the 18-35 demographic
Understand the digital trends and social media use unique to each generation
Adjust tone in marketing based on audience and content
Utilize practical tips to springboard your marketing on social media and in physical spaces both within and outside of the library

Original broadcast October 20, 2018

Jez Layman ~ Biography
Jez Layman is an Adult Services Librarian in the west Chicago suburbs. When she’s not on the reference desk, she’s planning programs for 20-30somethings, creating reader’s advisory resources, or teaching classes on job hunting. She has a deep love for audiobooks and has a spreadsheet for every occasion.