Mainstream media and social media platforms have changed dramatically in the last decade. Libraries who don’t understand the motives, cycles, deadlines, and methods of today’s “Multi-Media Journalists” (MMJs) run the risk of being portrayed badly in the Court of Public Opinion. This session teaches library participants how to successfully prepare for news conferences, radio shows, TV appearances, Skype interviews, blog interviews, magazine and newspaper interviews.

Especially in a crisis, press kits and information about your library’s products and services may have to come from you, especially if you don’t have a crisis communications specialist on staff. Since the Internet lives forever, you may only have once chance to get your message right.


Original broadcast January 31, 2019

Biography ~ Dr. Steve Albrecht
Since 1987, Dr. Steve Albrecht has consulted and trained on issues related to HR and security issues, team performance, conflict reduction, and social intelligence. His Colorado-based firm specializes in performance-improvement training, coaching, and leadership skills.He has consulted with Fortune 500 firms, banks, utilities, hospitals, colleges and universities, aerospace, the military, fire and law enforcement, and city and county governments in the U.S. and Canada.

He has worked as a trainer and consultant for the 122-city California Joint Powers Insurance Authority and CSAC-EIA, which covers all 58 California counties, since 1999.