Visualization is a powerful mind exercise that can help you plan and achieve goals. A vision board, as a tangible representation of what you want to achieve in your life, plays a vital role in this effort.

This Webinar provides you with a roadmap to help you to create your own vision board. Weʼll start by discussing the philosophy behind vision boards, along with different types of vision boards created by individuals around the world. Next, we’ll explore possible personal and professional goals for 2019 followed by images, words, and/or other materials to help you best visualize what you want. A list of resources where you can find relevant materials will be provided. Finally, we’ll consider options for creating your actual vision board and how to use it once it’s completed.

During this Webinar we will:·
Identify possible goals in different areas of your life for 2019;·
Learn where to find images, artwork, and other materials that best describe what you want;·
Demonstrate how to put together a collage of your gathered goals/dreams/aspirations; and
Learn to use and add to our vision boards throughout the year.


Original broadcast February 12, 2019

Biography ~ Mitchell Friedman
Enthusiastic. Authentic. Caring. Knowledgeable. Insightful. People have used these terms to describe Dr. Mitchell Friedman as he’s engaged in diverse professional endeavors over the last three decades.

Dr. Friedman has thrived as a senior-level administrator in graduate degree programs; a career development impresario who has helped individuals land meaningful internships, full-time, and part-time work; a strategic communications strategist, tactician, coach, and trainer; and a university instructor.

He earned a Doctorate in Education (EdD) with a focus on organization and leadership from the University of San Francisco. Dr. Friedman has two degrees in history, an M.A. from Stanford University and a B.A. from Brandeis University. He’s also Accredited in Public Relations (APR).