Twitch has become the next contender in the ring for video-based social media. Owned by Amazon.com, the service has over 15 million users active daily, watching or broadcasting. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface for live streaming. It also has a unique feature people can stream games and eventually earn money, and that includes teens.

During this webinar, we will explore:

What is Twitch and how are your teens are using it
Understand the Twitch dashboard to help your young adult patrons
Learn how to teens can turn their hobby into a profession
And, most key how Twitch can fit into your existing teen services



Original broadcast May 30, 2018

Biography ~ Samma Fagan

Samma Fagan joined the ranks of librarians in 2017 with a masters from University of South Florida, after five years of working at one. She brings with her a lifetime of passion for learning through play, whether that play is tabletop games, interactive theater, or video games. She divides her time between the library, broadcasting on Twitch as an affiliate under the name TrickingLoki, and creating characters that trick people into learning when she interacts with them