How do we prepare for the future when the road ahead is unclear?
What technological and social changes should our library be anticipating?
What information do we need to begin strategic planning and how do we get it?
How do we get our colleagues or stakeholders on board with a vision or mission that best suits our community’s needs?

This session will introduce you to simple, quick-to-master tools and techniques for building strategic awareness and setting out your service’s plan for the future. Well-made strategies give your service clear direction, help define your relevance to the community, protect your budgets, and reduce the chance of any nasty surprises waiting on the horizon. Learn how to develop and communicate strategic priorities so that you can deliver a future-facing, resilient, relevant library service for your community.


Original broadcast July 17, 2019 

Biography ~ Matt Finch
Matt Finch is a consultant and strategic planner for libraries and other organizations, helping them to consider the future, find their brightest ideas, and turn them into reality. You can see more about Matt’s work at https://mechanicaldolphin.com/testimonials/