Networking In Libraries will introduce best practices libraries should utilize to improve and secure their networks at your library. The webinar will walk through best practices for setting up and maintaining software, the overall systems to hardware decisions.

This webinar’s goal is to help establish a reliable and safe network for both staff and patrons. This session will include practical tips for those to network administration and experienced administrators. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions about their network, as the requirements one library may have will be different from another.


Original broadcast June 12, 2019

Biography – Alex Boris
Technology and Systems Management major at Stony Brook University. Eight years’ experience working for the Sachem Public Library in Holbrook, New York. 10+ years’ experience working with computer systems, hardware and software. 4+ years’ experience in server and systems management and networking. Pursuing a masters in Library Science with a specialization in technology. Very experienced with multiple operating systems, including Windows Mac, and GNU/Linux. 5+ years’ experience with app development, including projects done for Stony Brook University, Sachem Public Library, and the Boy Scouts of America. Hobbies include reading, programming and archery.