Discover why audiobooks have become so popular and how to best serve your patrons in a two-fold presentation. First, learn how to build a collection, utilize selection tools, and understand the unique traits that determine the quality of an audiobook, going beyond the words on the page. Then, learn how to help new and longtime listeners find their new favorite title or narrator(s), using “listen-alikes” and elements of style, tone, and editing.

Attendees will learn how to:
● Select audiobooks in a variety of formats by using journals, awards, print statistics, podcasts, and other selection tools
● Navigate the unique challenges of managing an audiobook collection, including working with multiple vendors
● Identify popular narrators and utilize professional resources
● Provide listener’s advisory to patrons and better market your collection
● Make your collection more accessible to a variety of listener types



Original broadcast August 8, 2019

Biography ~ Jez Layman
Jez Layman is an Adult Services Librarian in the west Chicago suburbs. When she’s not on the reference desk, she’s planning programs for 20-30somethings, creating reader’s advisory resources, or teaching classes on job hunting. She has a deep love for audiobooks and has a readsheet for every occasion. You can find more on Jez at jezlayman.com