Memory cafés are proliferating around the world and in the U.S., many libraries have joined the memory café movement to give people having dementia and their care partner’s regular opportunities for socialization and enjoyable, meaningful, engaging activities.

This session will describe best practices for memory cafés in libraries based on experiences in Wisconsin and Massachusetts, two states with the most memory cafés.

As a result of attending this webinar, participants will gain knowledge about:

• What memory cafés are, how they got started in Europe, and why they’ve spread so quickly throughout the U.S.
• Best practices for launching and operating memory cafés
• Where to find helpful suggestions about memory café operations and activities



Original broadcast August 15, 2019 

Biography ~ Susan McFadden

Susan McFadden retired as a Psychology Professor at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2012 and co-founded Fox Valley Memory Project (FVMP; www.foxvalleymemoryproject.org) in northeast Wisconsin. She has traveled extensively learning about memory cafés and other programs and services to help people living with dementia and care partners live as well as possible. FVMP operates nine memory cafés each month; schedules can be found on the website. She and her husband co-authored Aging Together: Dementia, Friendship, and Flourishing Communities (2011, Johns Hopkins University Press) and she is currently writing a book about dementia-inclusive communities.