560,000 Floridians are currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This number is expected to rise to 720,000 by 2025. People living with other forms of dementia add to these numbers. While some people move to residential care facilities, most of those affected live at home in their communities. Cognitive impairment and social isolation are significant factors to consider in maintaining safe, inclusive, vibrant learning centers for all ages. Dementia friendly libraries are central to the quality of life throughout Florida.

Several Florida libraries have committed to becoming dementia friendly, and yours can too. Your library can lead the effort in your community!

In this informative program, learn how your library can become a central resource for information about dementia. Set an example by creating a safe, welcoming environment in your library. Learn how dementia affects all of us and equip your staff to interact comfortably and effectively. We’ll also explore successful, dynamic in-house programming and collaborative outreach services.

Attendees will learn how to

• Recognize the symptoms and behaviors associated with dementia
• Better understand the needs and abilities of people with dementia
• Practice sensitive communication techniques to improve interactions
• Review policies, physical facilities, and programming to be sure they are dementia friendly
• Locate national programming models that can be replicated locally
• Access professional resources for additional information




Original broadcast September12, 2019 

Biography ~ Mary Beth Riedner
For the past five years, Mary Beth Riedner has served on the leadership team of the American Library Association’s Interest Group for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias (IGARD). She is the developer of the award-winning Tales & Travel book and reading program designed for those living with dementia. She has presented at numerous professional conferences including the American Library Association and the American Society on Aging. She is involved with the national Dementia Friendly America initiative as well as dementia friendly efforts emerging in individual states such as Illinois, Arizona, and Minnesota. She is the author of several journal articles as well as a chapter on the Tales & Travel program in the book The Relevant Library, published by McFarland in 2018.

Biography ~ Heather Ogilvie

Heather Ogilvie is the Outreach Librarian for Bay County Public Library in Panama City, Florida. She specializes in nontraditional library services, using community partnerships to create innovative solutions for underserved populations. Her interactive programs, connecting seniors affected by dementia to people and resources, maximize quality of life and give the library a leading role in creating a dementia friendly community. She has presented at staff development days, library conferences, and caregiver workshops. For her work with seniors, Heather was awarded the Florida Library Associations’ Maria Chavez Hernandez Award (Libraries CHANGE Lives) in 2018. She serves as Co-Chair Elect of ASGCLA-IGARD. Heather presents customer-driven programs for the way we live now and enjoys the happy belief that anything is possible.