Virtual Reality (VR), a simulated computer environment in three dimensions, is becoming more popular for gaming, movies, social interaction, and education. In fact, VR is starting to complement traditional education practices by immersing users into a world where they can learn on a completely new level. Libraries that offer these experiences are showing their users what is possible today while giving them opportunities to see what they can do in the future. In this webinar,

· Learn what VR is and what it is capable of doing while actually being inside VR,
· Understand how VR will change everything ranging from gaming to education,
· Discover various products and tools on the market now and those that are soon to be released,
· Experience the potential of Rumii, a “social-virtual reality platform that enables people to         educate and collaborate in a 3D virtual environment from anywhere on earth

Note: Although this webinar will be presented inside VR using Rumii, registered participants will be able to view the presentation via GoToWebinar, on a variety of VR headsets, on Windows/Mac desktop computers, on Android mobile devices, and (coming soon) on iOS mobile devices. Instructions for accessing the session via Rumii (VR, desktop, mobile) will be sent out a week before the live session. Software can be downloaded at: https://www.dogheadsimulations.com/.

An open room will be set-up before the session to test any interested attendees with their technical set-up including VR headsets, computers, or mobile device[s].

Class Resources
Lawnmower Man video from the session: https://youtu.be/LUsWBCH8Ch8
Presenter View of Presentation in Rumii: https://youtu.be/hNw6sQFzB1w

Original broadcast October 1,  2019

Biography ~ Chad Mairn

Chad Mairn is an Information Services Librarian, Assistant Professor, and manages the Innovation Lab at St. Petersburg College. While an undergraduate studying Humanities at the University of South Florida (USF), Chad was awarded a Library of Congress Fellowship archiving Leonard Bernstein’s personal papers. During his Library and Information Science (LIS) graduate work, also at USF, Chad became a technology liaison between the Bill Gates Learning Foundation and Florida public libraries. In 2016, Chad received a League of Innovation Excellence Award in Teaching and Learning for Innovation in the Use of Technology.