Masterful communicators craft their documents mindful of the tenuous territory they have entered when presuming to have the power of persuasion. How do you recommend a course of action for their customers or managers without appearing too aggressive?

This interactive and informative webinar starts by exploring the role of influence in writing. It then moves to the need to understand the challenge of persuasive writing. Next, it covers tips for opening messages to captivate audiences and for closing them to drive home the point. It concludes with common mistakes that persuasive writers make when they disregard logic or favor style over substance. You will leave this program armed with best practices to make your persuasive documents more successful.

Attending this webinar will enable you to:
• Apply theories of persuasion to the writing situation.
• Discover the elements of powerful argumentative writing.
• Use sound rhetorical strategies and development methods.
• Maintain a fresh style for your proposals and position papers.



Original broadcast December 17, 2019 

Biography ~ Philip Vassallo
Philip Vassallo, Ed.D., has designed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs for more than 20,000 executive, managerial, supervisory, administrative, and technical professionals internationally over the past three decades. He is the author of the books How to Write Fast Under Pressure, The Art of E-mail Writing, and The Art of On-the-Job Writing. Dr. Vassallo holds a doctorate in educational theory and has taught internationally, recently as a faculty member of the Beijing International MBA program.