Have even seen an article or clicked on a heated discussion in a Youth Services Social Media group and thought people were making good points, but weren’t sure how to make changes at your library? Have you wanted to make changes but feared push back from staff or customers if you changed a long standing or beloved program?

Children’s Librarianship is changing, but it can be challenging to change our habits with them! Learn how to view these challenges as opportunities as two seasoned children’s professional share their own lessons learned and changes made.

In this interactive webinar program, Jill Burket Ragase and Amy Schardein will give you a variety of tools that you will be able to use to:
• Change your programming to respond to current topics in Youth Services
• Tweak existing programs/services/approaches in light of new understanding
• Respond with flexibility to changes in the field and encourage flexibility in others.
• Learn how to talk with staff and customers about adapting programming



Original  broadcast February 20, 2020 

Biography ~ Jill Burket Ragase
Jill Burket Ragase is the Literacy Content and Logistics Manager for Blue Manatee Literacy Project, a non-profit children’s bookstore and literacy outreach program. She earned her MLS from the University of Kentucky and is a former Children’s and Juvenile Collection Development Librarian. She is also the proud parent of two, yes two sets of boy/girl twins with her husband Mark in Cincinnati, OH.

Biography ~ Amy Schardein
Amy Schardein, MLS, is a Children’s Librarian in Covington, KY for the Kenton County Public Library  where she has specialized in early childhood work for over fifteen years.  She plans and presents programs, manages book collections, writes and manages grants and presents on a variety of library topics related to Children’s Services. She was the 2011 SWON Librarian of the year and is listed in both the 2013 and 2015 Covington Index of Awesome.  Amy plays her ukulele and manage the schedule of two teenage children in her spare time.