It’s the end of the day and you need to close. One customer won’t get off the computer, a guy comes to the desk with a list of ILLs, and a family has just walked in the door. This is often where the most contentious moments in library customer service occur.

Many factors contribute to the issues libraries face with this “Closing Time” dilemma, stemming from both frontline staff to management.  Could there be a simple solution? Learn to analyze the problem(s) to create sustainable solutions.

After this workshop participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of the effects of scheduling on staff and customer service
  • Understand how to analyze problems on a deeper, more sustainable level
  • Be able to create policies and procedures that meet customer and staff needs
  • Have practical and sustainable techniques for dealing with and preventing difficult customer and staff situations


Original broadcast March 19, 2015

Instructor Bio ~ Melissa Powell
Melissa Powell has worked for 35 years in libraries as a paraprofessional and degreed professional, in addition to a 4-year “retirement” to learn about the book & publishing industry. She is an Independent Librarian currently teaching Cataloging Fundamentals and Collection Management both online and through state libraries, library consortia, and other education agencies.