Most organizations want to break down internal siloes and improve access to enterprise information and expertise, but only 11% say they effectively motivate employees to participate in knowledge management. This presentation will outline proven strategies to overcome cultural and structural barriers and get employees to share, access, and use available knowledge.

Attendees will learn:
• how to communicate about KM and its benefits,
• how to build KM into the flow of day-to-day work,
• how to facilitate collaboration across generations and cultures, and
• how to reward and recognize desired knowledge behaviors.

The best practices in this presentation are based on APQC primary research, including recent surveys of hundreds of KM professionals and detailed case studies of organizations such as Microsoft, World Vision International, Shopify, Consolidated Construction Company, and Pfizer.


Original broadcast February 2, 2021 

Presenter ~ Lauren Trees
Lauren Trees is principal research lead for knowledge management (KM) at member-based nonprofit APQC. She is responsible for identifying trends in enterprise knowledge sharing and collaboration, investigating cutting-edge ways to improve knowledge flow, and sharing her findings with APQC members and the business community at large.

Her current projects focus on KM excellence, content management, smart recommendation systems, and innovating in the face of business and technology disruption.

Lauren has written for numerous media outlets and her research has been cited by Forbes, Inc., TIME, and the Wall Street Journal. She is also an experienced speaker, having presented at global conferences as well as numerous corporate meetings and webinars. She holds a B.A. from Brown University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude, and has studied at the University of Oxford and Rice University.

You can learn more about Lauren’s research on APQC’s blog, connect with her on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @LTrees_KM.