Ready Reference Service is reference service finished or replied in a very short time in a minute if possible. It is an important reference service and it is related to such information that is provided directly to the patron in a short period of time. It also includes such reference services which direct the readers to reference sources immediately.

Are you ready for a ready reference update?

Attend this reference refresher and learn more about:
• free reliable sources used by other librarians
• online reference interviewing
• handy websites for basic information
• information for job hunters
• educational material for families and teachers
• an in-depth look at government resources
• ways to keep track of websites and resources


Original broadcast April 13, 2021 

Presenter ~ Kira Smith

Kira Smith currently works at TBLC as a virtual reference provider for Ask A Librarian and helps coordinate the statewide delivery service. She has a Master’s Degree in Library Science and Education. Kira is a former elementary school teacher and childbirth educator. She has lived in New York, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. She enjoys teaching, technology, and travel.