The phone on your desk is ringing—as is your cellphone—and your tablet is producing alerts requiring your attention. You have several people patiently—or impatiently—waiting for face-to-face assistance. Text and email messages are piling up. And now you’re receiving an online reminder that the Google Hangout (or Skype session or Zoom Session or or or) you scheduled with colleagues is starting in ten minutes.

In a world that often seems to require our attention 28 hours a day/nine days a week, we all at times feel overwhelmed by the challenge of keeping up not only with the flow of incoming requests for assistance but also by the challenge of understanding and most effectively using the communication devices that appear to be continually multiplying in our workplaces and in our personal lives.

This highly-interactive webinar will explore some of the technology we are using—or may soon be using—and ways we can more effectively work in the blended (onsite-online) environments that are at the heart of what we do to serve our libraries, our library users, and our extended communities.
Participants, by the time they leave the session, will:
♣ Be able to demonstrate familiarity with at least three time-management techniques that help us provide first-rate customer service
♣ Identify at least three ways that we can more effectively integrate our various tech tools into the day-to-day work we do serving our colleagues and other library users
♣ Have at least three resources they can explore to increase their ability to manage conversations in multiple formats


Original broadcast April 16, 2019 

Biography ~ Paul Signorelli
Paul, co-author of Workplace Learning & Leadership with Lori Reed, served as director of staff training for the San Francisco Public Library system before becoming an independent writer-trainer-instructional designer-presenter-consultant. He designs and facilitates online and face-to-face learning opportunities throughout the U.S.; is active on New Media Consortium Horizon Report advisory boards/expert panels, in the Association for Talent Development (ATD–formerly the American Society for Training & Development ) and American Library Association Learning Round Table; and explores innovations in onsite and online training-teaching-learning and community partnerships.