First impressions matter, whether it’s a library user walking in the front door or discovering a website in a search. If that first impression is positive, with friendly navigation that quickly leads the user to what they’re looking for, it’s more likely they’ll come back again.

This session will step you through a review of your library website, social media, and other web services to make them more accessible to all. You’ll learn what elements to consider and how to evaluate accessibility in many dimensions, including:
– Mission/Vision Statements and Commitments to Inclusion
– Accessible Staff
– Collections & Community Information, and how they’re represented in an online catalog or on a website
– Website accessibility (use of Plain Language; simplified site navigation; adding metadata, captions, and
transcripts for video content; translation options)
– Accessibility on Social Media
– Making live online programs more accessible

After this webinar, you’ll have a checklist of areas to review, suggestions on what to look for/improve, and resources to take the next step.

Class Resources: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kqa2vJesVLx_yFPKiibyhsM8uwASMfYq?usp=sharing

Original broadcast October 14, 2020

Presenter ~ Jennifer Koerber

Jennifer Koerber is a consultant who advises and guides libraries on staff training programs, especially around technology change and skill-building. She has more than 20 years of experience in public-facing and behind-the-scenes roles, including children’s librarian, reference generalist, branch manager, and web services librarian. After 17 years at the Boston Public Library, she established her own business providing technology training and consulting services to libraries. Her current contract is with MIT Libraries as a part-time Training Coordinator for the Alma/Primo VE migration (until August 2021).
In May 2018, her book Library Services to Immigrants and New Americans: Celebration and Integration was published by Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO. This webinar is partly based on Chapter 1 from this book. You can see more of her past work at www.jenniferkoerber.com.