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As a training topic, negotiation skills often create anxiety for the partici-pants. If they have experienced a typical “I Win-You Lose” negotiation sem-inar, then those feelings are usually based on not wanting to have to do battle with a fellow participant just to learn or improve negotiation skills.

The five-step Added Value Negotiating (AVN) method presented in this webinar is about the mutual search for value, not on using tricks or tactics to try and overpower the other side. Many people who have experienced win-lose negotiation seminars find the AVN method to be unique, empower-ing, less antagonistic, less stressful, and it helps them create better deals in less time.

The five AVN steps are easy to remember and use: Clarify mutual interests; Identify options, using value factors; Create at least two “deal packages”; Discuss the deal packages; and Perfect the final deal.

Program Agenda:
The Need for a New Negotiating Approach
Our New Added Value Vocabulary
Psychological Blocks to Negotiating Success
The Usual Win-Lose Negotiating Method
The New Added Value Negotiating Method
The Value of Creating Multiple “Deal Packages”
The Power Of Transparency
12 Possible Value Factors
Doing Your Homework Knowing the Settlement Range
Understanding Personality Styles AVN Steps 1 through 5 Good and Bad Post-Negotiation Feelings
Avoiding Tricks & Tactics
Good Deals Take Time and Preparation
Case Study Examples

Who should attend this webinar:
Library directors, board members, managers, supervisors, or employees who must negotiate, internally or externally, as part of their jobs.

Biography ~ Dr. Steve Albrecht
Dr. Steve Albrecht has trained library audiences for 17 years. The ALA published his Library Security book in 2015 and he is a frequent presenter for them. He holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration, an MA in Security Management, a BS in Psychology, and a BA in English. He is board certified in HR, security, coaching, and threat management. He worked for the San Diego Police Department for 15 years. He has written 19 books on business, security, and criminal justice subjects.


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