Adult programming is an important part of library services, but with such a broad age-category, it can be hard to know where to start. If you have limited experience with adult programming, and are unsure how to focus your programming efforts, this is the webinar for you!
In this one-hour interactive webinar, Jennifer Parsick, a 3 year manager with the Osceola Library System, will guide you through planning a program, even if you’ve never done one before.

Topics we’ll discuss include:
Learning how to focus on one program at a time
Planning the program from start to finish
Pitching the program to the decision-makers
Hosting the program
Join Jennifer for this practical and interactive webinar and let your programming skills flourish


Original broadcast April 28, 2016

Biography ~ Jennifer Parsick
Jennifer has been a manager with the Osceola Library System for three years. She has taught all levels of patrons, from retired senior citizens through Stetson University’s Lifelong Learning Program, to a masters’ track library science class at Florida State University. She has been published in the CSLP Summer Reading manual two years in a row, and presented at the 2014 Florida Library Association Annual Conference.