Your webinar will be held on March 15, 2022 – 10:30 am  – 11:30 am  ET.

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Would you like to enhance your interactions with clients and colleagues while improving your own level of happiness, life satisfaction and wellbeing? If so, this fun, interactive webinar is for you! You will learn how to practice evidence-based strategies used in Positive Psychology that will help do just that!

Positive Psychology is a scientifically based branch of psychology, pioneered by Martin EP Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania. Positive Psychology is the science that explores how happiness and wellbeing can be improved and sustained by building on our strengths, rather than fixing our weaknesses. In other words, it differs from traditional psychology by focusing on what is right with you in order to build on intrinsic strengths and abilities.

After a brief overview of Positive Psychology focused on cultivating optimism, you will learn how to measure where you are on the optimism-pessimism spectrum. Then we will discuss practical strategies to help you become more optimistic. You will discover how positive psychology can help you deal with common challenges such as “difficult” patron interactions. With practice, learned optimism will help you cultivate better relationships with others, improved work satisfaction and performance, and greater resilience in the face of adversity.

Participants in this fun, interactive webinar will learn to:

• Describe the principles of Positive Psychology, and how they can be used to make interactions with clients and colleagues more satisfying and constructive
• Use tools of Positive Psychology to approach a current situation in your work/life with greater optimism and resilience
• Measure your own optimism quotient, and learn how to improve it using power phrases and positive self talk
• Identify print and on-line positive psychology resources

Presenter: Hope Levy has twenty-plus years of experience in education and training, gerontology and career development. For the past five years Hope has been teaching classes at the San Francisco Public Library through a partnership with City College San Francisco’s Encore Learning Program. The common thread throughout her career is a passion for lifelong learning. Through her consulting practice, There’s Always Hope, she develops, and delivers learning programs customized to clients’ needs. Hope holds an MA in Gerontology and an MA in Special Education, both from San Francisco State University.