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Looking for the latest success stories regarding breeding endangered species? How you can attract birds to your backyard? Want to get involved with abused and neglected horse rescue and rehabilitation? Want information about how to train your cat not to jump on the bed? (Really?) Do you have questions about dog nutrition and canine vaccine protocols? Household poisons that might endanger your beloved pets? Introduced species that are taking over Florida’s ecology? Or the pros and cons of raising backyard chickens? Fortunately for animal lovers, the Internet is filled with resources, both practical and scholarly.

Topics and categories include local, national, and international wildlife resources, including nonprofit organizations that have been working behind the scenes for years, the growing network of rescue, foster, and adoption individuals and organizations, practical advice on supporting animal health, positive training tips, birdwatching, zoos, educational sites for young people, and sites that are just for fun.

– Feel more confident ensuring your pets are healthy and happy.
– Be better informed about issues that affect wildlife, locally, nationally, and internationally.
– Learn what individuals can do to defend domestic animals and wildlife from abuse and exploitation.
– Identify educational resources for PreK-12 students.

Presenter: Pat Wagner has been a trainer and consultant for libraries since 1978 using e-mail, platforms, and now social media to serve clients across the United States (and the solar system) who she has never met face-to-face.. She presents at state and national library conferences as well as working with libraries of all types from Alaska to Florida. She has been a frequent visitor to Florida libraries and was a facilitator for the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute for several years. Pat focuses on skills needed to support better productivity and workplace relationships, from personnel issues to strategic planning. She is known for her practical and good-humored programs.