Your webinar will be held on October 4,  2022,  100 pm – 2:00 pm  ET.

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Texting, tweeting, emojis, and posting images are how most of us communicate these days. Digital life has evolved its own vocabulary, filled with abbreviations that have grown into a language that continues to change. But the written word is more than stringing together a dozen images or writing provocative captions to score hits. Can you write a compelling cover letter to nail that new job when they want a written application submitted online before a live interview? Engage your readers as you make successful arguments to support a favorite cause during an election? Convince your local officials to increase the library’s budget? Attract loyal followers to your blog, or entice them to read more because of your beguiling book reviews? Impress your professor, and nail that “A”? These kinds of writing take more than a digital haiku.

We’ll be sharing secrets that professional journalists and published authors use to produce great copy on a deadline and how to apply those tricks of the trade to your online writing projects. In addition, we’ll provide free resources to help you express yourself more effectively in essays, work-related reports, news articles, commentaries, blogs, and the all-important school assignments. Topics include the importance of setting goals and priorities, knowing your target audiences, why making an outline for online assignments works even on a deadline, avoiding digital cliches, building a better vocabulary, making your point quickly, how to edit when you are the only person reading your piece, and mistakes even experienced writers make.


– Make your online writing more influential with a broader spectrum of people.
– Customize online posts to the culture of the particular app or platform.
– Build a working vocabulary that allows you to find and apply the “better” word.
– Take advantage of online resources to improve your writing.