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Repetition is essential – it is the developmental strategy that children take to learn new things. It promotes comprehension, increases vocabulary, and strengthens the connections in the brain that help children learn. But research tells us that our brains stop paying attention to repetition and crave novelty. We also know that children learn in a variety of ways; therefore, a wide range of strategies and interactions are effective in supporting all of these kinds of learning. So, finding multiple ways to engage kids in listening to and experiencing stories, rhymes and songs serves multiple purposes.

Learning Objectives
• Understand the importance of repetition and novelty in storytime
• Explore multiple strategies for presenting stories, songs and rhymes
• Develop multiple strategies to extend the learning experience of stories, songs and rhymes through play

Presenter: Sherry Norfolk is an award-winning storyteller, author and teaching artist, performing and leading residencies and professional development workshops nationally and in SE Asia. She was a children’s librarian for 9 years with Miami-Dade Public Library System, and Youth Services Coordinator with DeKalb County (Georgia) Public Library for 8 years, receiving awards from the Urban Libraries Council, the National Association of Counties, American Library Association, and Florida Library Association for developing and implementing innovative and creative library services.

A popular workshop leader, Sherry has led SRP training for Kentucky State Library, Oklahoma State Library, Kansas regional library systems, Missouri State Library, Utah State Library, Louisiana State Library, Georgia Public Library Services, Arkansas State Library and Florida State Library, as well as countless professional development workshops for libraries across the country, including Hawaii and Alaska.