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While we have been told since we were children to eat our vegetables, fact is that we didn’t then and we still aren’t now. We are living in the midst of two pandemics. While most of us admit that Covid-19 scared us to death, few of us are afraid of the obesity pandemic that threatens our very lives, putting us at risk for lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, colorectal cancers and more. The good news is that making healthier eating choices is something you can begin to do immediately. In this interactive and informative program, attendees will learn how to move toward a healthy food approach by learning: • The “Healthy Plate” Approach at home and away • How to put the “science and evidence” on your plate • Determining who you should allow to influence your nutrition choices • Simple “tricks and hacks” to prepare nutritious and delicious meals in your own kitchen.

Presenter: Gina Cousineau is a trained chef, fitness professional, and interventional nutritionist whose desire is to bring the family around the kitchen table to wholesome meals. With her strong education (BS in dietetics and MS in Integrative and Functional Nutrition), and extensive experience working with clients of all ages and circumstances, she uses the science and evidence behind a plant-based (not plant exclusive) lifestyle approach to help her clients prevent, halt, and reverse lifestyle diseases, including cardiovascular disease and type two diabetes.
You can get to know Mama G on her website www.MamaGsLifestyle.com. and on Facebook/Instagram @MamaGsLifestyle. She also writes a monthly column for the local papers in Orange County, California titled “Health and Nutrition 101” and offers complimentary “cook-alongs” for her followers.