Your webinar will be held on December 14, 2022,  12:00 pm – 1:00 pm  ET.

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This last year we seen a lot of innovation growth as ​AR and VR​ (Augmented and Virtual Realities) ​expanded its capabilities and became part of many educator’s tool kits. Or looking at AI​ (Artificial Intelligence)​, we saw AI becoming more of a topic in conversation and how it can help generate content – whether thats text, images, and even video.

While that is all super exciting, what will 2023 bring us? Brian Pichman will share some of his tech predictions of things to watch for 2023 and upcoming gadgets and gizmos to be thrilled about.

We will touch lightly on CES and Gartner Hype Cycle to digest their material and get an overall encompassing look at what innovations will set libraries and librarians ahead of the proverbial tech race.

Presenter: Brian Pichman is a technology enthusiast, sharing his thoughts and ideas to libraries so they can become more interactive, innovative, collaborative, and engaging He is a web developer with experience designing websites. Brian started a collaborative platform called the Evolve Project which aims to change the way people see libraries by introducing new technology and concepts for libraries. Libraries need to re-position themselves as community anchors in order to succeed in today’s culture.