Libraries processes and systems can put patron privacy at risk and many libraries struggle with protecting privacy while running the library at the same time. This webinar will cover one proven strategy in mitigating risks to data privacy, the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). Used by both private and public sector organizations, PIAs build in both a privacy and a data flow analysis to identify potential privacy risks, which organizations can then use to evaluate mitigation strategies to reduce risk. Attendees will learn the basics of a PIA: when to do a PIA at their library, who should be involved, and the major milestones of a PIA process. The webinar will give attendees the resources needed to start building a PIA process at their library.


Original broadcast March 25, 2020 


Biography ~ Becky Yoose
Becky Yoose is the founder and Library Data Privacy Consultant for LDH Consulting Services, a consultancy that guides libraries and vendors in protecting patron data without sacrificing operational data needs. For over a decade, Becky has wrangled library data in its various forms in academic and public libraries. Becky received her MA-LIS from University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2008, and has been a Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US) with the International Association of Privacy Professionals since 2018. You can find her online at yobj.net and @yo_bj on Twitter.