We know from experience that when our users seek information about the library, a sizable percentage are doing so online. As search engines commonly return 3rd party sites with questionable accuracy, it is incumbent on libraries to take steps to improve the quality of this information. This presentation will detail a simple process to audit, evaluate, and optimize your library’s digital presence.


Original broadcast January 22, 2020

Biography ~ Nick Tanzi
Nick Tanzi has been incorporating emerging technologies into the library as a children’s librarian, the founding member of a digital services department, and most recently, as the Assistant Director of the South Huntington Public Library. During this time, he has spoken in the U.S. and abroad on topics ranging from social media marketing to 3D printing. He is the author of Making the Most of Digital Collections through Training and Outreach (2016), and Best Technologies for Public Libraries (2020). He writes “The Wired Library” column for Public Libraries Magazine. Tanzi was named a 2017 Dewey Fellow by the New York Library Association, and currently serves as President of its Making and STEAM Round Table.