We are being inundated with information from every direction. During this webinar, we will look at techniques and tools to streamline, organize and weed our incoming data as well as our existing files, photos and emails to create a system that will help you be more productive and more efficient with your time. In addition, we will focus on tools to help with communication and information sharing with co-workers.


Original Broadcast May 13, 2020 

Biography ~ Rachel Eichen

Rachel Eichen has a varied career history across multiple fields of communication, technology, and training. She has over 10 years of in-person and remote teaching experience in a variety of industries including: casinos, financial institutions, restaurants, hospitals, and libraries. She even taught computer classes on a cruise ship! In a former life, she was a technical writer where she learned about the software lifecycle and documented instructions. She also has a variety of technical skills, including a mix of programming, networking, and web-design. Rachel holds a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science and a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing. Her hobbies include walking, tea, and decorative planning. She currently lives outside of Las Vegas.