What code should I learn? What language will help me reach my goal? There are so many different programming languages out there in the world; it makes it challenging to answer the age-old question of: “”what language should I learn?””.

In this webinar, we will cover the different types of environments one may want to code for; whether that is apps, websites, programs that run on Windows, scripting, and more. Are you interested in learning code and considering if Java, PHP, CSS, Python or another language help bring a project to life? If you have a high-level approach to coding or are working on teaching patrons how to code or providing guidance to others, this will be a great resource to have.

We will learn about coding, types of code, and your “” building-block”” languages that eventually get you (or patrons) to the end goal of being a wizard coder. Resources for further education will be discussed in this webinar so you will have excellent next steps to continue your journey in a world of 1’s and 0’s.


Original broadcast January 23, 2019

Biography ~ Brian Pichman
Brian Pichman is a technology enthusiast, sharing his thoughts and ideas to libraries so they can become more interactive, innovative, collaborative, and engaging He is a web developer with experience designing websites. Brian started a collaborative platform called the Evolve Project which aims to change the way people see libraries by introducing new technology and concepts for libraries. Libraries need to re-position themselves as community anchors in order to succeed in today’s culture.