In our new world of fake news and “alternative facts”, teaching students how to navigate and evaluate information is challenging. Join us to learn about the right combination of tools to teach students essential information literacy skills so they can evaluate sources and find authoritative content for their research needs. We will also discuss how to teach students about the consequences of disinformation so that they will be motivated to avoid it in their school work and personal lives.

Specifically, attendees will learn:
· Concrete, student-relatable examples of how disinformation can harm
· Instructions for how to use the “IF I APPLY” framework to help students identify and move past their
emotions and biases with regard to research topics
· Methods involved in lateral reading—reading “around” a source to determine if it is reliable


Original broadcast November 7, 2019 

Biography ~ Henrietta Verma
Henrietta (Etta) Verma, a librarian and author of the Credo IL Strategy Handbook and of Reviews are In: Read Write, and Expand Your Career (Mission Bell Media, 2016), is Credo’s Customer Success Manager. She previously worked at public libraries, where one of her favorite tasks was helping elderly patrons learn to use email, and at an academic institution, where she developed IL curricula and taught science and engineering undergrads to find reliable research materials. Etta then worked for years as an editor at School Library Journal and Library Journal. These days, as well as helping Credo’s customers to get the most out of their subscriptions, Etta corrals two children and two cats, and reads mystery novels in the few minutes per week that are left. She can be contacted at henrietta.verma@credoreference.com and @ettaverma on Twitter.