You’ve heard of IQ and EQ, but what about CQ? Cultural Intelligence (CQ) refers to our ability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and even organizational cultural boundaries.

Cultural Intelligence involves four interdependent skills:

Cultural Intelligence building is a life-long journey, and all can improve their CQ over time. In a world of culture clashes, any effort towards cultural intelligence will make an immediate and effective impact.
This webinar introduces concepts and actions which shape our personal cultural competencies. Through interactive content, our conversation will change our perceptions and actions in ways which encourage and nurture.

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

• Define CQ and explain the four skills which form the cultural intelligence framework
• Identify the impact that holding different values from the majority culture can have on a person’s
experiences and respond effectively to that knowledge
• Determine next steps in their own CQ journey


Original broadcast July 7, 2020 

Biography ~ Marla Ehlers
Trained by CQ expert Dr. Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim, Marla Ehlers has facilitated multiple workshops for a variety of learners. Marla most recently presented on cultural intelligence for PLA, ULC, and the California Library Association, and has spoken on a variety of other topics at state and national conferences. With 25 years in libraries and a background in teaching, library administration, and children’s services, Marla is currently leading her own consulting firm.