If you have been wondering what the fuss about makerspaces is all about or wonder how this could fit with public library service, bring your questions and get some answers. We will cover current makerspace trends, what models other libraries are using, and what type of programming is right for you. 

Solutions will be offered for every library size, space, and budget, but the overall focus will be on library staff. This session will be interactive and fun, with opportunities to play and share, and you will leave with resources you can use in your library.


Original broadcast March 3, 2015 

Instructor Bio ~ Ashley Kazyaka
Ashley Kazyaka is the Colorado State Library’s resident graphic designer and expert on library makerspaces and all things geeky, and helps coordinate the myriad of projects happening in Library Development. She volunteers at the Denver Public Library’s ideaLAB, working with teens and their families.