PCI Q & A Program with Captain H.A. Harry Katt (Ret.) – Ask the Expert About Library Safety and Security

PCI Q & A Program with Captain H.A. Harry Katt (Ret.) – Ask the Expert About Library Safety and Security


Most crime prevention experts will attest that there is no “silver bullet” that can guarantee a safe working environment. Because we live and work in very dynamic environments facing unpredictable challenges, factors and behaviors, we must be ever cognizant of our surroundings, consistently practice safe smart habits and learn to respect our intuition when it signals trouble.
We must also understand our role, responsibilities and ability in such a given situation and be prepared to respond accordingly.
In this interactive Question and Answer program with Captain Harry Katt, he will answer your questions and provide guidance on safety and security issues that libraries face every day.

Submit your questions to Captain Harry Katt before the program by email at 4rceoptions@gmail.com. Please include “December 20th webinar” in the subject line of your email.


Original broadcast December 21, 2018

Captain H.A. Harry Katt (Ret.) ~ Biography
Captain H.A. Harry Katt (Ret.) has over thirty years of law enforcement experience and training. Over the course of his career he has developed a keen insight on personal safety, situational awareness and human behavior in the workplace.

The vast majority of his police experience was in operational field components policing neighborhoods where calls for service were frequent and customer service, personal safety and situational awareness skills were always a priority as they should be for all public servants.
It was on the streets, the back alleys and the door steps where he learned the true value of observation, communication, de-escalation and knowing your options. The same core values he shares with his clients and audiences.

The Quiet Approach to Serving Customers

The Quiet Approach to Serving Customers


Customer service is not an easy job for anyone. It’s hard work to just stay on top of the ever-changing products and services the library has to offer, and it takes real skill to talk with people, determine their needs and fulfill their requests.
It can be especially challenging for those who are more introverted or shy to work with customers while handling difficult questions, listening to complaints and sometimes dealing with people that can be angry or confused.
This interactive and informative program will give attendees the tools that they need to be more successful and in-control in their customer interactions. We will focus on the strengths of the “Quiet Approach” including active listening and thinking before speaking, while sharpening the skills needed to handle all customer situations with less anxiety and stress.

Original broadcast October 2, 2018

Andrew Sanderbeck ~ Biography
Andrew has been developing and conducting training programs for libraries and library organizations for more than fifteen years. He has presented Web-based, On-line, and Face-to-Face sessions on Management and Leadership, Customer Service and Communication Skills in the U.S. and numerous countries around the world.

He is a board member of the Haywood County Public Library and a monthly donor to EveryLibrary, advocating for libraries everywhere that support is needed.


Dealing with Toxic People

Dealing with Toxic People

“The difficult people we encounter can be our greatest teachers.”
― Eileen Anglin

There are challenges in dealing with people who bring toxicity to the interaction. One challenge is managing the impact it has on us – the other challenge is how to respond effectively – in essence – in ways that continue to allow us to get the job done and maintain a working relationship.

In this webinar, you will learn key strategies, tactics and skills to protect your emotional and psychological well-being, while at the same time not letting the other person control or dominate.

This webinar is for you if:
• You work in a team or group environment
• You interact with the public
• You have a team leadership role
• You want to have less stress and more control of interactions

Participants will learn:

• The drivers of toxic behaviour – why they do what they do
• Specific tactics, tips and tools for responding to toxic communications
• How to stay centered and present when faced with toxicity
• A key to relieving your own frustrating
• How to get work done, have effective communications and not let them control your life

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Original broadcast June 14, 2018 

Michael Healey – Biography
Michael believes that our workplaces and our workplace relationships can be fun, inspiring, energizing, satisfying AND be creative and productive. He works with businesses and organizations that understand the value of developing people as a foundation for continual improvement and enhancing organizational capacity. He’s been delivering engaging and impactful training programs since 1987.

How to Bring a Free Online Driver’s Education Program to Your Library


Did you know that car crashes are the leading cause of death in the United States? In 2015, more than 35,000 people died in traffic crashes, a more than 7% increase over 2014. Driving-Tests.org (DTO) has a goal: to work with libraries to create safer, more educated drivers – which in turn creates safer roadways for us all.

Join Jacob Smith for this engaging and educational program focused on how to bring an effective free online driver’s education program to your library and learn more about what Driving-Tests.org is doing to help reduce road crashes, injuries and fatalities among motor vehicle drivers, commercial vehicle drivers and motorcyclists.

Attendees will also learn the benefits of offering the program to their patrons and will be given insight on the opportunity to have free, educational traffic safety related quizzes on their organizational websites.

At the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Access the Driving-Tests.org website and Library Partnership Program

  • Identify leading national organizations that partner with DTO

  • Navigate the free Department of Motor Vehicle Practice Tests & Quizzes


Original broadcast November 7, 2017 

Jacob Smith – Biography

Jacob Smith is a Communications Assistant with The Gillen Group, a small transportation safety consulting firm in the Washington, D.C. area. In this role, Jacob leads outreach efforts for Driving-Tests.org, one of The Gillen Groups’ clients.

As a global road safety activist and speaker, Jacob has worked with high schools, traffic safety organizations, corporations, and government agencies across the country to create effective programs and projects to mobilize young people for road safety. Jacob has collaborated with Safe Kids Denver Metro, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Organizations for Youth Safety, DENSO International America, the Colorado Department of Transportation, Texas Transportation Institute and many others to advocate for various highway safety issues.

Jacob has given dozens of presentations and organized panels focused on teen driving and pedestrian safety to thousands across the country. Recently, Jacob worked for Safe Kids Worldwide in Washington, DC as a key member of the Safe Kids/General Motors Buckle Up Partnership to develop new strategies to promote teen driver and passenger safety.

Prior to these activities, Jacob served as a National Board member for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America where he was instrumental in forming strategic partnerships for youth leadership programming and development.

The Platinum Rule: Going Beyond the Golden Rule for Customer Service

The Platinum Rule: Going Beyond the Golden Rule for Customer Service

At some point in your life your Mom, Dad, or another other adult taught you the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. But the Golden Rule is not the gold standard anymore!

Good organizations practice the Golden Rule by identifying and implementing their Core Values for service. This is treating others the way we would like to be treated. But great organizations go beyond the Golden Rule to create Platinum Rule service…treating others the way THEY WANT to be treated.

Be Platinum!

Join us to learn how to:

a. Distinguish between good and great service
b. Identify key traits that allow you to customize individual service
c. Build trust with members by creating a transparent feedback culture
d. Foster a sense of belonging and connectivity for long-term membership and volunteerism


Original broadcast June 20, 2017

Biography ~ Cindy Moran

Specializing in Human Capital Strategy, Cindy Moran brings 20+ years of experience in Learning and Development to her work with clients spanning a wide variety of industries nation-wide. Her expertise includes talent acquisition and development, leadership and succession planning.

Dealing With Challenging Patrons: Safety and Security At Our Library

Dealing With Challenging Patrons: Safety and Security At Our Library


Spend an hour with one of the nation’s leading experts on library safety and security. Dr. Steve Albrecht has trained thousands of library employees on the do’s and don’ts of handling challenging, entitled, odd, or even threatening patrons, including the homeless, mentally ill, gang members, thieves, Internet hogs, and others who want to disrupt the library.

This popular program offers practical and realistic tools which will make your facility a better, safer place to work. Enjoy Steve’s real-life experiences as a law enforcement officer, mixed with his use of humor.

In this program, you’ll learn safe workplace behaviors, security measures, and how to activate your “high- risk” customer service skills.


Original broadcast April 13, 2017

Dr. Steve Albrecht ~ Biography
Spend some time online with Dr. Steve Albrecht, national expert on library security. Steve brings is HR, security, risk management, and law enforcement background, using humor, relevant stories, and new tools for challenging patron issues.

As a trainer, speaker, author, and consultant, Steve is internationally known for his expertise in high-risk HR and security issues. He is well-known in libraries around the US for his “Challenging Patrons” workshop, based on his 2015 ALA Book, Library Security. He also specializes in workplace and school violence awareness and crisis response programs for private-sector firms, municipal and state government, K-12 schools, and colleges and universities.

In 1994, Dr. Albrecht co-wrote Ticking Bombs: Defusing Violence in the Workplace, one of the first business books on workplace violence.  Besides his work as a conference presenter and keynote speaker, he appears in the media and on the Internet, as a source on workplace violence, security, and crime. His 17 business and police books include Library Security; Tough Training Topics; Added Value Negotiating; Service, Service, Service!; and Fear and Violence on the Job.

In 1999, Steve retired from the San Diego Police Department, where he had worked since 1984, both as a full-time officer and later as a reserve sergeant, reserve training officer, and a domestic violence investigator.

Improving Chat Reference with Emotional Intelligence

Improving Chat Reference with Emotional Intelligence


RUSA’s Behavioral Guidelines for Reference and Information Services state that visibility and approachability, listening, and interest are required for successful reference transactions. As the number of online reference interactions continue to increase, librarians must rethink how to present these attributes to our patrons. This webinar will assert that improving emotional intelligence will improve our overall virtual communication. According to Mayer, Salovey and Caruso, individuals with high emotional intelligence often have a better ability to engage in sophisticated information processing. As virtual reference requires a multilayered skillset (reference, technology, customer services, communication) in a fast paced environment, virtual reference staffers with higher emotional intelligence will improve the experience for both practitioner and patron. This webinar will provide librarians and staff with an emotional intelligence toolkit to improve their virtual reference experience as well as provide tips for implementing a training program that incorporates emotional intelligence principles.


Original broadcast February 23, 2017

Biography ~ Lindsey Wharton
Lindsey Wharton is the Extended Campus and Distance Services Librarian at Florida State University. Lindsey currently serves as Chair of the ACRL Distance Learning Section Discussion Group which holds multiple webinars each year on various topics pertaining to distance library services. Lindsey has moderated several national webinars through this role. Additionally, Lindsey’s routine duties include online instruction, online workshops, and online orientations for distance and extended campus users.

Biography ~ Emily Mann
Emily Mann is the Research and Information Services Librarian at Florida State University. She heads research and reference training for undergraduate services. Emily coordinates the FSU Libraries Reference Associate program that trains new library professional and mentors each associate in their professional development.

The Black Tie Customer Service Experience Create, Grow, and Empower! Your Patrons and Co-Workers

The Black Tie Customer Service Experience Create, Grow, and Empower! Your Patrons and Co-Workers

Do you want your patrons feel extraordinary every time they interact with you? Then The Black Tie Customer Service Experience is for you! Taking your library to extraordinary levels means that everyone on your team needs to know the difference between meeting patron expectations and exceeding patron expectations.

The goal of your library should be to create more loyal patrons, grow your usership and empower your coworkers and patrons to become brand ambassadors for you.  How can you do this?  Through understanding the mindset of Black Tie Training.

In this interactive and informative webinar, participants will learn:

  • How to create the Black Tie Experience – making lasting impressions
  • How touch points in your library can create a positive patron experience- CREATE
  • How to turn an unhappy patron into a raving fan- GROW
  • How to build better relationships with your patrons and turn them into loyal library ambassadors- EMPOWER


Original broadcast October 11, 2016

Bob Pacanovsky – Biography
Bob Pacanovsky has been helping elevate brands for over 20 years!  And now he is taking this experience and helping organizations and individuals “outclass their competition.”  He is a professional speaker, entrepreneur and expert in making people make great first impressions and turning clients into loyal fans!
Bob rebranded his latest company, The Vation Group, in January, 2015, after selling his catering and event company that he founded in 2000.  During that time, he helped create over 7,000 events. His experience in the Hospitality and Event industries has helped him launch his speaking and consulting company, The Vation Group.

Trends in Customer Service and Customer Service Training You Need to Know About

Trends in Customer Service and Customer Service Training You Need to Know About

What does the future of customer service and customer service training look like? Hint: Organizations are beginning to place a much higher priority on improving the customer experience, and the quality of customer service they offer. And to figure out where your organization is going, you need to look at what’s been trending in the last year, and even before that.

Join Andrew Sanderbeck for this interactive and informative webinar program and learn what’s trending in Customer Service and Customer Service training and what you and your organization can do to keep pace!

Specifically, attendees will learn more about:

• Five Hot Trends in Customer Service
• The Impact of “Newism” on the Customer
• The Gap Between Customer Service and Expectation
• The Share Economy and Customer Service
• Customer Service Training Trends
• Training “How and Why”, not “What”
• FLIP Training Model for Customer Service Training

Original broadcast July 28,2016

Andrew Sanderbeck ~ Biography
Andrew has been developing and conducting training seminars for libraries and library organizations for more than fifteen years. He has presented Web-based, On-line, and Face-to-Face sessions on Management and Leadership, Customer Service and Communication Skills in the U.S. and in numerous countries around the world. He is the founder of the PCI Webinars.

The Art of Saying No to the Patron

The Art of Saying No to the Patron

Perhaps you’ve heard the myth that since the customer is always right, you have to say yes to whatever they want.

News flash! Not only is the customer not always right, there are certainly times when you can and should say no.

But even though the customer is not always right, they are always “the customer.” Interactions with users require trust, respect and focus on the needs of the individual. When we incorporate those aspects of service into our interactions, we develop loyalty. And in today’s “I can find it elsewhere”-world, loyalty is at a premium.

In this fast-paced one-hour webinar program, Linda Bruno will help you determine when it’s appropriate to use that vital little word. Even more important, you’ll learn how to say no in a way that maintains the loyalty you’ve worked so hard to earn.

We will discuss:

• Situations that may require a “no”
• Specific ways to present the “no” so your customer is more likely to accept it
• What to do when the “necessary no” results in an unhappy customer


Original broadcast May 31, 2016 

Linda Bruno ~ Biography
Linda has been developing and conducting training seminars for more than fifteen years. Certified with Development Dimensions International and Achieve Global, she also offers her own workshops Supervisory Skills, Personalities, Organizational