The Art of Bartering: An Innovative Approach in Times of Tough Budgets

The Art of Bartering: An Innovative Approach in Times of Tough Budgets




Budgets are tight and most libraries need skills beyond what they have on staff. Bartering can offer a way to exchange skills or tasks with other libraries. Negotiation, trust and flexibility are keys to making a barter work. Examples of barters from the presenter’s experience will be shared.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will how bartering can work as an exchange of tasks or skills.
Participants will learn about real-life examples of successful barters.
Participants will learn about the necessary considerations when planning a barter arrangement.
Bartering is not a new concept, but it is new in the context of exchanging skills among libraries. Budgets are tight in most libraries and bartering can be a great way to stretch capacity and leverage professional networks.


Original broadcast November 19, 2019

Biography ~ Susan Erickson
Sue Erickson has been a librarian in higher education for nearly 20 years, working in a variety of areas such as assessment, cataloging, collection development, data services, media services, reference and research instruction, and special collections. She is currently the Director of Hofheimer Library at Virginia Wesleyan University and Chair of the Resource Sharing Committee of the VIVA library consortium. She has worked in library consortia for her entire career; as a result, inter-library collaboration is at the core of how she approaches her work. She is interested in leadership and staff development, as well as the evolution and resilience of higher education in these uncertain times. Sue is a champion for the liberal arts, for civil discourse and the library’s role in fostering it, and for diversity, equity and inclusion. She offers consulting services for academic libraries and other areas within higher education.

Creating Accessible Email Newsletters

Creating Accessible Email Newsletters

Newsletters can be a great tool in our librarian toolkit and help you reach your users. However, have you thought about how many users you may miss out because your newsletter is inaccessible to them due to ADA issues? During this session, we will discuss creating newsletters that everyone can access. We’ll talk about best practices for creating email newsletters that everyone can access as well as new (& free!) tools you might want to try.

ADA compliance is not just for those with disabilities, using best practices will only enhance your newsletter’s usability and the user experience for everyone. Don’t lose your readers with inaccessible newsletters!


Original broadcast September 25, 2019

Biography ~ Robin Fay
Robin Fay is a Metadata and Technology Librarian with over 15 years of experience. She has worked with large and small libraries, the Library of Congress, the Digital Public Library of America, ORBIS Cascade, among others. Robin has over 10 years of experience in library technology, with an interest in metadata and emerging technologies. in addition to that experience, Robin is an avid designer. Find her on social media http://@georgiawebgurl

Telling Your Library’s Story

Telling Your Library’s Story

How do you connect with your community to let them know about upcoming programing, events and important information in today’s new media landscape? From traditional media to social media, how we communicate with our patrons has changed, and in today’s era of fake news it has become even more complicated. This interactive and informative program is designed to give some tips and techniques on how to use local media resources as well as social media to tell your Library’s story.


Original broadcast June 6, 2019

Biography ~ Patricia Spencer
Patricia is the Public Information Officer for the Lewis & Clark Library. She graduated from Carroll College with a B.A. in History and went on to complete a M.A. in English Literature and 20th Century US History from Oregon State University. Patricia has been an Adjunct member of the faculty in the Department of Communication Studies at Carroll College since 2004.

How to Write Effective Survey Questions to Get Useful Data

How to Write Effective Survey Questions to Get Useful Data

Is your library planning for upcoming services, programs, or events? They’ll be more successful if you know what sorts of things the people in your service area truly want and need. Great marketers and planners don’t guess what people want, and they don’t presume to already know. They ask!
Still, doing a “simple survey” isn’t all that simple. If you don’t know exactly how to write and ask the questions, you may find out later that you didn’t get any actionable data. Marketer and wordsmith Kathy Dempsey can prepare you to avoid survey pitfalls.

Sign up for this webinar so you’ll understand the tactics:

Every word you choose matters
Beware open-ended questions
Always avoid library lingo
Never ask about “interest.”
Ask the same question more than once
Write, test, tweak, repeat
What makes people take surveys?
This webinar will also touch on how to distribute surveys to get good response rates.


Original broadcast March 12, 2019

Biography ~ Kathy Dempsey
Kathy Dempsey wrote the popular how-to tome The Accidental Library Marketer, and founded her own marketing consultancy, Libraries Are Essential (www.LibrariesAreEssential.com). Her work is dedicated to helping librarians and information professionals promote their value and expertise in order to gain respect and funding.

Kathy has been the Editor of Marketing Library Services newsletter for 22 years, and was formerly Editor-in-Chief of Computers in Libraries magazine. She’s an active member of the New Jersey Library Association, and Chair of the Library Marketing and Communications Conference (www.LibraryMarketingConference.org).

This writer, editor, and marketing maven has been giving presentations across the U.S. and Canada for 20 years, always sprinkling them with humor to make marketing concepts more interesting and accessible. She continues to fight the stereotypes that librarians are boring and that “”marketing”” is a dirty word.

How to Promote Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign

How to Promote Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign


We have a day for giving thanks (Thanksgiving), and two days for getting great deals (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) – but what about day for giving back? That’s the point of #GIvingTuesday. Entering its seventh year, #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Last year on GivingTuesday nonprofits raised over $300 million online.

Do you want to raise more money and connect with more supporters this #GivingTuesday? You’re in luck because Julia Campbell who has helped dozens of small and mid-size nonprofits launch successful #GivingTuesday campaigns will teach you exactly what to do to reach your goals this Giving Tuesday for your nonprofit.

Simply sending out one email telling your donors that you are participating in this international day of giving is not enough. In this jam-packed webinar, social media expert Julia Campbell will go through exactly what is required in promoting a successful #GivingTuesday campaign at your nonprofit.

Handout and Slides

Original broadcast November 1, 2018

Biography ~ Julia Campbell
Julia Campbell has a long history of helping nonprofits find success using digital storytelling strategies. After 10 years in the nonprofit sector as a small shop development and marketing director, she founded J Campbell Social Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency based north of Boston.

Julia received her Bachelor’s in Journalism & Communications from Boston University and earned a Master in Public Administration from Old Dominion University as well as a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Tidewater Community College.

A Boston native, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a mother of two, and a lover of activism and social causes, Julia helps nonprofits build movements and connect with supporters by effectively harnessing the power and potential of online marketing and social media tools.

Julia’s clients include small community-based nonprofits and large universities. She also offers small group coaching sessions, workshops & seminars and online trainings. The author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, Julia’s blog about online fundraising and nonprofit technology is #3 on the Top 40 Nonprofit Marketing Blogs and Websites for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers and is consistently featured in the list of Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs in the world.

Julia has been featured on Maximize Social Business, About.com, MarketWatch, Alltop, Salon, Social Media Today, Forbes and Business 2 Community.

20 Marketing Resources in 60 Minutes

20 Marketing Resources in 60 Minutes


It’s easy to believe you have plenty of marketing information at your disposal—until you’re in the middle of a project and you run across a need you didn’t anticipate. Would you rather search in a panic, or have a great resource list at your fingertips?

During this webinar, you’ll get 20 resources (at least!), explained and annotated by a library marketing expert. If you don’t know everything, you can at least know where to find everything. In this interactive and informative session, you’ll get:

• A list of books (of course)
• Lists of websites and online toolkits
• Links to current nonprofit marketing blogs, inside and outside libraries
• Assessment of library marketing serials, both proven and new
• The inside scoop on the only library-specific marketing conference

And of course, all of the resources we’ll discuss lead to even more resources!

[pdf-embedder url=”https://floridalibrarywebinars.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/8.30.18-20-Marketing-Resources-in-60-Minutes.pdf” title=”Handout “][pdf-embedder url=”https://floridalibrarywebinars.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/20-Marketing-Resources-Suggested-Resources.pdf” title=”Handout “]

Original broadcast August 30, 2018

Kathy Dempsey ~ Biography
Marketing Maven Kathy Dempsey is a consultant and trainer through her business, Libraries Are Essential (www.LibrariesAreEssential.com), and author of the book The Accidental Library Marketer. She’s given presentations across the U.S. and Canada. Her work is dedicated to helping librarians and information professionals promote their value and expertise in order to retain respect and funding. Kathy has been the Editor of the Marketing Library Services newsletter for 24 years. She also blogs at The ‘M’ Word, and is an active member of the New Jersey Library Association.


From Budgeting to Blanketforts: Programming for 20-30 Somethings

From Budgeting to Blanketforts: Programming for 20-30 Somethings


A recent PEW study reported Millennials are the generation most likely to use the library, so why aren’t we seeing them at our programs? In this interactive and informative webinar, learn how to capture the elusive 20- and 30-something adult audience by offering programs unique to their needs.

This presentation will cover how to start, which programs work best, creating a book club, and marketing in new ways to reach a new audience.

At the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

How to begin offering programming specifically for adults in their 20s and 30s
Program ideas, including staff time, costs, and resources
Start a book club for 20-30somethings
Prepare for and avoid potential pitfalls
How to change marketing approaches and mediums to reach the Millennial audience

[pdf-embedder url=”https://floridalibrarywebinars.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/5.1.18-From-Budgeting-to-Blanket-Forts-1-1.pdf” title=”Handout”]
Original broadcast May 1, 2018

Jez Layman ~ Biography
Jez Layman is an Adult Services Librarian at Indian Prairie Public Library in Darien, IL. When she’s not on the reference desk, she’s planning programs for 20-30 somethings for IPPL’s popular #LibSocial group or teaching classes on job hunting. She has a deep love for audiobooks and has a spreadsheet for every occasion.


Serving the Underserved: Using Outreach to Find the Customers You Didn’t Know You Had

Serving the Underserved: Using Outreach to Find the Customers You Didn’t Know You Had

All libraries have loyal customers that come in regularly and support us day in and day out. But what about those who might wish to use our services, but can’t get to us? In this webinar, the Cari and Kate will talk about how the Twinsburg Public Library in Twinsburg, Ohio, has bolstered and strengthened its outreach program to find and serve those customers.

Join us for this program and they’ll help you learn to do the same in your community.

Participants will:
• Learn to assess the need for outreach in their communities and develop an outreach plan
• Discuss tips to create and strengthen new relationships
• Explore ways to enhance existing programs, even with low budgets

Slides: Serving the Underserved

Originally broadcast July 11, 2017.

Cari Dubiel ~ Biography
Cari is the Adult Learning and Information Services Manager at Twinsburg Public Library. She is also a writer, teacher, and podcaster.

Kate Johnson – Biography
Kate is the Community Outreach Librarian at Twinsburg Public Library. In 2017, she was named a Mover and Shaker by Library Journal for her outreach work with Pinewood Gardens, an Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority site in Twinsburg.

Not Just for Kids: Book Displays for Adults

Not Just for Kids: Book Displays for Adults


Book displays are a great way to fill unused shelves or empty table spaces. But what happens if you have great books and they never get checked out? How could you increase library program sign-ups, support your library’s mission statement, and provide readers’ advisory services on a shoestring budget? How can you make the physical library a place of discovery and entertainment?
Book displays for adults engage customers, promote the flow of information, and highlight the library’s role as a space that is in-touch with its community.

At the conclusion of webinar, participants will be able to:

• Create a list of book display resources
• Incorporate passive programming into book displays
• Identify topics for book displays of interest to their library customers
• Utilize techniques to promote circulation, participation, and readers’ advisory
• Promote the library’s mission, goals, and programming



Original broadcast June 8. 2017

Biography ~ Maggie Rose
Maggie Rose is a librarian at the Wayne County Public Library in Ohio. She maintains up to 18 possible display areas at any given time. She is responsible for sections of the non-fiction print collection as well as the periodical collection. Maggie coordinates two evening book clubs and works closely with other non-profit agencies in Wayne County to support common goals.

Maggie started library work in 5th grade as a shelver and volunteer in her school library. As a teen she started shelving in her local public library and has held many library positions since. Maggie graduated summa cum laude from the University of Akron with a BA in English and minor in classical studies. She received her MLIS from Kent State and has been in her current position for four years. She has presented for the Northeast Ohio Regional Library System and has served on committee for the Ohio Library Council.

Maggie loves gardening, camping and her boisterous family which consists of a spouse, a boy, a girl, a dog, a cat, and a fish.

RA Rethink: Using Next Level Data to Improve Merchandising

RA Rethink: Using Next Level Data to Improve Merchandising

If someone told you there’s a practical way to improve circulation and increase the job satisfaction of your staff, would you do it? Librarian Becky Spratford has developed a method you can use to accomplish both goals. She’ll explain how to deepen staff involvement in readers’ advisory in a way that gets everyone from staff to patrons excited.

You are spending a lot of effort and money on cultivating good collections, but are you giving those collections a fair chance to shine? Do your patrons know the full breadth of what you can do for them? With just a few simple tweaks to how you already market your collections, services, and staff, Becky will help you increase your circulation numbers and leave a trail of happier and more engaged patrons in its wake.

Attendees will learn how to:

● Create a training program that encourages staff to inspire each other to serve patrons
● Collect more useful, user driven data
● Get the entire staff involved in creating displays
● Merchandise your best asset– your staff!



Original broadcast June 6, 2017

Biography ~ Becky Spratford
Becky Spratford is a Readers’ Advisor in Illinois specializing in serving patrons  ages 13 and up. She trains library staff all over the world on how to match books with  readers through the local public library. She runs the critically acclaimed RA training
blog RA for All, and is on the Steering Committee of the Adult Reading Round Table.  She is under contract to provide content for EBSCO’s NoveList database and writes  reviews for Booklist. Becky is also known for her work with horror readers as the author of The Reader’s Advisory Guide to Horror, Second Edition [ALA Editions, 2012] and is a proud member of the Horror Writers Association, who are honoring her as a special  guest of honor at StokerCon 2017 for her contribution to the genre. You can follow Becky on Twitter @RAforAll.